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  • Issue 7 - ALL FWD Dyno Day
    Issue 7 - ALL FWD Dyno Day
    ALL FWD DYNO DAY - The seventh of May just gone was a cold Saturday morning but a crowd still gathered at Brisbane Turbo and Tuning Centre in Wooloongabba for a dyno comp; a dyno day like none prior, with only front wheel drive cars eligible. This was All FWD Motorsports first event and although there was only eleven cars put on the rollers on the day, the event attracted a lot of interest and the Club’s founder Kevin Blundell was happy with the result; “with this being our first dyno comp I’m happy with the numbers.” A variety of cars entered including a Ford Laser and a VW Golf, with seven trophies up for grabs. Results: Least Power : Aarie, Ford laser, 63kw(NA 4) Most power 4 NA : Pacman, Honda Prelude, 110kw Most power 4 Forced : THREAT, Ford Laser, 282kw Most power 6 NA : Aaron, Mitsubishi Magna, 143kw Most power 6 Forced : Un-contested Most powerful Club : Hyper Australia 363kw Best KW per Litre : THREAT, Ford Laser 94kw Next year’s ALL FWD Dyno day will be held on the first weekend in May. Kevin is working on an All FWD web page as we speak, and hopes to have a list of the quickest and the most powerful FWD’s in the country in attendance next year. Story by Adam Bilsborough, Pics by

  • Issue 1 - Phoenix Lights Drag Day 2010
    Issue 1 - Phoenix Lights Drag Day 2010
    July 17 2010 brought with it the third annual Phoenix Lights Drag Day, to commodore enthusiasts across south east Queensland courtesy of Queensland Commodores Car Club. Once again, proceeds from the day were donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia.

  • Issue 9 - Holden vs Ford Skidpan Day at Slidewize Gympie
    Issue 9 - Holden vs Ford Skidpan Day at Slidewize Gympie
    In the morning the testosterone level was off the scale, everybody was jumping hard onto the loud pedal and making lots of noise. This is the non-competitive part of the day, good time to get into a groove and work out what you will need to do later. The tune from the three 6L Holden V8 engines was audible from a long way away.. possibly from Neptune! The morning went rather fast with everybody having two 4min drives at each 'track'. First track of the day was the 'Superman' track, Its largely a huge 'S'. This was followed by the 'Controller' which resembles a game console controller and last track was the favorite of the day, the #9. The #9 is layed out resembles the channel 9 logo with a very tight hairpin at the bottom. The 9 can be a difficult track to master!

  • Van Nationals 2015
    Van Nationals 2015
    By Camz Photos

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