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  • Issue 8 - Paul Brush's - 1969 HK GTS Monaro
    Issue 8 - Paul Brush's - 1969 HK GTS Monaro
    The HK is the very beginning of the legend that is the Aussie Monaro. Its classic lines inspired many people across the country and beyond and sparked a racing legend that still holds true today. A fair few of these cars were produced and sold as were their later brothers, the HT and the HG. Paul Brush owned a HG back in the nineties and it was a show stopper and cover car for quite a few magazines. Its name was Mystic Pearl but it was regrettably sold to pay some debts. Ever since then, Paul has wanted another classic and with the re-release of the Monaro in the early 2000s, Paul tried to fill that gap with a late model substitute. But nothing beats a classic and after the birth of his son Darian in 2008 Paul and his family were in the right position to get back that classic.

  • Issue 6 - Angels of Desire
    Issue 6 - Angels of Desire
    Angels of Desire

  • Munchies - November 2010
    Munchies - November 2010
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

  • Jason Wright
    Jason Wright
    Issue 11 Queensland Street Car magazine.

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