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  • Big Boyz Toyz - 2011
    Big Boyz Toyz - 2011
    Big Boyz Toyz is a small, but well loved event, which is growing every year.

  • Darren Simpson's 1969 HK Holden
    Darren Simpson's 1969 HK Holden
    Issue 1 of QSC Magazine

  • Issue 2 - CHOP YA - Ford F6
    Issue 2 - CHOP YA - Ford F6
    When you think of tough Queensland street cars the likes of Johnny Wilson’s HK Monaro, or Damien Mckern’s Series 1 Rx7 probably come to mind;  cars with balls and more poke than you can get to the ground. Another on my list of Queensland tuffies is this yellow F6 Typhoon commonly known as ‘CHOP YA’, not just for its name, but also its reputation. Photoshoot by Dave Reid

  • Issue 9 - Antony Cristou's XY Falcon FAT 557
    Issue 9 - Antony Cristou's XY Falcon FAT 557
    It takes a lot of time, money and patience to make your dream machine a reality, and a unique, un-nameable something to bring it all together to create something really exceptional. With blower hanging out the bonnet, tough old school wheels, brilliant paint, and an impressive 620 rwhp @ 4000 rpm on PULP, this magnificent XY Falcon is one of those exceptions. Fat 557 looks, sounds and is mean! Antony Christou grew up in a Ford family and bought his XY when he was just fifteen. It's first rebuild took Antony four years to complete, starting when he got his driver's licence. This current rebuild, the XY's second rebuild took a long ten years but was finally completed in 2009. Buying a house, starting a family, and dramas with different trades people all contributed to the lengthy process. Early on in this build the XY was with a panel beater who hadn't touched it in twelve months when, fortunately for Antony, he met Ludi Kaatz through mutual friends. Antony removed the car from the panel shop, had the entire car sandblasted on a rotisserie and then handed it over to Ludi. Ludi carried out the rust and body repairs which included removing and replacing the rear quarters, floor pans and sills. Then Ludi applied that gleaming Electric Blue paint. GT stripes and blackouts, the GT petrol cap and teardrop mirrors put the finishing touches to the exterior of the XY. Photos by

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