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  • Darren Simpson's 1969 HK Holden
    Darren Simpson's 1969 HK Holden
    Issue 1 of QSC Magazine

  • Issue 7 - Garry Hamilton - Datsun 1600
    Issue 7 - Garry Hamilton - Datsun 1600
    There is something about some car designs of years gone by that scream ‘old school cool’, and it’s undeniable. If you are old school by nature, then modern car designs are just never going to cut the mustard for your project car. That’s how Garry Hamilton felt when searching for his new project. What is likable about late model cars though is their running gear - reliable, economical, powerful. Words that don’t usually go together, except when comparing motors designed and built about thirty years apart. Garry falls into the ‘mature hoon’ bracket. By ‘hoon’ I mean ‘enthusiast’, of course. Having owned such rides in the past as an FC Holden, a V8 powered Austin A40 and a heavily modified EH Holden, his latest project also had to have an early shape. Finding a Datsun 1600 was a start, and although it was in rather poor condition, Garry is of the opinion that the 1600 was the best model from the Datsun lineup and snapped it up. There was plenty to keep Garry busy while sorting out some running gear for the little Datto.

  • Issue 8 - Nathan Wilson Mini by J Dave
    Issue 8 - Nathan Wilson Mini by J Dave
    Here at Queensland Street Car Magazine we don’t discriminate against makes and models. If it’s cool, then we want it. So when a disc labelled ‘Nathan’s Mini’ turned up in our office we threw the disc into the trusty old PC work horse and came across one of the finest restored and modified Mini's we’ve seen. Nathan Wilson, a mechanical engineer and owner of this cool auto has always loved his Minis but desired a car that turned heads and had the mumbo to go with it ... that was never going to happen with a factory 1962 mini! Nathan set about changing a classic machine into an 800kg monster, one that is fun to drive.

  • Issue 10 - Steve Mack 1980 C3 Corvette
    Issue 10 - Steve Mack 1980 C3 Corvette
    RAD80 is 'The Dark Lord' (aka 'Baby'); the only one of its kind in the world. Proudly owned by Steven Mack, founder & president of the 'Australian Corvettes Association', this fully custom built 1980 C3 Corvette was the centre feature in America's 'VETTE' magazine a couple of years ago. They said it was the best corvette they'd ever seen. - by

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