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  • Issue 7 - Garterbelts & Gasoline 2010
    Issue 7 - Garterbelts & Gasoline 2010
    The Garter Belts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival is a celebration of cars, music, fashion, art and culture inspired by the nineteen forties and fifties and held each Labour Day weekend on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland. This year the event was held over four days with non-stop music, displays and even a downhill soapbox derby. Sunday was the best day to be there though for the massive car show on the showground. Turning up first thing in the morning and seeing hundreds of people and cars there already I knew it was going to be a good day. Including a heap of old school bobbers and choppers, there were plenty of motorbikes on display, all shining and polished. The cool dragster and cruiser bicycles in brand new and rat styled themes added a neat touch to the day; a wheelie bin and wheelbarrow made into two cool bikes was something different and very creative. Moving into the centre of the showground there were hundreds of the finest hot rods, cruisers, classics and retro cars ever built. Amongst all of the single entrants there was also many car clubs with a great number of their members; definitely no shortage of cool clubs and supporters in this era of lifestyle and cars. Rat rod styling is definitely becoming more and more popular now with over fifteen cars there that all fell into this category, everything from a matt black XP Falcon wagon with red scallops to a cool 38 Ford pickup, it was open slather for any make or model in this theme. The amount of cars that had the most amazing detail in paint, interior and engine work was outstanding. Candy paint that looked so deep you could put your hand through it. The work that had gone into some of the interiors on show would make you scared to even sit in them! Looking into the engine bays of the beautiful V6s and V8s with chrome so perfect and polished you would have seen your own reflection. All this making these cars some of the highest quality built cars in the country. by Adam Bilsborough.

  • Steve Muscat - 1976 SS Torana
    Steve Muscat - 1976 SS Torana
    Issue 1 of QSC Magazine

  • Issue 9 - Brad Lane's 1980 VC HDT
    Issue 9 - Brad Lane's 1980 VC HDT
    It all started back in 1999 when he bought the car as a wreck from an eighteen year old kid who had no insurance. He brought the car home and let it sit for a few months until he sold his VP Commodore. Oh and if you’re wondering, Brad is a Commodore nut. He’s owned a few different ones over the years but none as cool or as quick as this. Anyway, he sold the VP and started stripping the VC to get it ready to send to Burleigh Smash Repairs for some repairs and a full bare metal respray, inside and out. It took about six months but the end result was immaculate. A few years later, Brad was attending shows without success so he decided to remove the donk and had Bill at Burleigh Smash seam weld the entire engine bay and smooth the whole lot so that the rails and headlights were covered and all the bumps removed. The wiring was all hidden at this point as well to create a flawless engine bay.

  • NQ Nationals 2012
    NQ Nationals 2012
    by Graeme Bint - AUTOART Photography

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