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  • Alan Richards 351 XY GT
    Alan Richards 351 XY GT
    Issue 11 Queensland Street Car magazine.

  • Issue 4 - Phil Thompson's Mazda RX3
    Issue 4 - Phil Thompson's Mazda RX3
    The Mazda RX3 is well known throughout the world and although it was slower than its predecessor, the RX2, it proved itself in factory racing, claiming many class wins and podium dominations. The 1972 model was the first release of the RX3 and it was equipped with a 10A rotary motor. This causes confusion amongst consumers as the previous RX2 was equipped with the more powerful 12A rotary. To fix this problem, Mazda released the 1973 model with a 12A motor but this car was still slower even though it weighed less than the RX2. The reason for this was the Rotary Engine Anti Pollution System that hurt the amount of torque output and as a result, the 12A equipped RX3 ran slower down the quarter than the 10A model.

  • Issue 8 - Paul Koutsoukos BA XR8l Ford Ute
    Issue 8 - Paul Koutsoukos BA XR8l Ford Ute
    Every car nut around the globe would have some idea of what their ultimate car would be. A lot would generally tell you that their dream car is the one they are currently driving and although that may sometimes be the case, very few of them are ever willing to reveal what they would really rather be driving. Paul Koutsoukos admits that his ultimate ride would be a Porsche 911 Turbo but he is quite content with his current ride. Paul’s bought this XR8 ute for about three and a half years ago and it’s been a constant and growing bond ever since.

  • Issue 5 - Kent Mckenzie's 1968 GTS Monaro
    Issue 5 - Kent Mckenzie's 1968 GTS Monaro
    Kent McKenzie dreamt of having a HK Monaro since he was a young fella. He found this car back in 2003 but it was severely modified. He paid $4000 for the car back then and has spent the years since getting it back to an original look. The car had to have extensive body work to get it back to original specs. This was a job for Kent’s good mate Rob Smith. It took Rob and Kent three years to get the body work done and once it was all finished, they coated it in copious amounts of the classic Sting Red. All the original GTS stripes, badges and jewellery and chrome work were placed back on the car to give it the proper GTS look. It looks absolutely awesome in that colour and has no trouble attracting all the right kinds of attention.

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