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  • Issue 7 - Garterbelts & Gasoline 2010
    Issue 7 - Garterbelts & Gasoline 2010
    The Garter Belts & Gasoline Nostalgia Festival is a celebration of cars, music, fashion, art and culture inspired by the nineteen forties and fifties and held each Labour Day weekend on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland. This year the event was held over four days with non-stop music, displays and even a downhill soapbox derby. Sunday was the best day to be there though for the massive car show on the showground. Turning up first thing in the morning and seeing hundreds of people and cars there already I knew it was going to be a good day. Including a heap of old school bobbers and choppers, there were plenty of motorbikes on display, all shining and polished. The cool dragster and cruiser bicycles in brand new and rat styled themes added a neat touch to the day; a wheelie bin and wheelbarrow made into two cool bikes was something different and very creative. Moving into the centre of the showground there were hundreds of the finest hot rods, cruisers, classics and retro cars ever built. Amongst all of the single entrants there was also many car clubs with a great number of their members; definitely no shortage of cool clubs and supporters in this era of lifestyle and cars. Rat rod styling is definitely becoming more and more popular now with over fifteen cars there that all fell into this category, everything from a matt black XP Falcon wagon with red scallops to a cool 38 Ford pickup, it was open slather for any make or model in this theme. The amount of cars that had the most amazing detail in paint, interior and engine work was outstanding. Candy paint that looked so deep you could put your hand through it. The work that had gone into some of the interiors on show would make you scared to even sit in them! Looking into the engine bays of the beautiful V6s and V8s with chrome so perfect and polished you would have seen your own reflection. All this making these cars some of the highest quality built cars in the country. by Adam Bilsborough.

  • Munchies - October 2010
    Munchies - October 2010
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

  • Issue 7 - QSC Magazine Cruise to Kilcoy - Summerset - Mt Nebo
    Issue 7 - QSC Magazine Cruise to Kilcoy - Summerset - Mt Nebo
    The QSC May Cruise to Kilcoy had much better attendance than I was expecting. Considering our predicted cruise length was between 350 and 400+ km’s for the entire day, I was only expecting to get 10 to 15 cars. How wrong was I. As I pulled into the Shell Petrol Station at Nudgee I was greeted by around 35 cars. Most were early to late model Holdens but we did have a Toyota Supra and a Nissan Silvia turn up for the cruise too which was good to see. I am always trying to encourage more imports to attend our cruises. Before I continue about the day, I would like to explain the reason why I chose this cruise route and destination. Late last year my friend Scott and I had gone out on a random cruise out west and ended up at Kilcoy at 8:30pm with a huge hunger after some 7 hours of driving. The doors at the Stanley were still open and we both enjoyed the best steaks ever. With this memory still fresh in my mind some 9 months later I thought why not give my readers of QSC the chance to experience these steaks too while also having a great day driving through the twisting mountain ranges and open roads in outback Australia. So after a quick meet and greet at Nudgee we all hit the highway for around 10-15km's north before heading inland to Kilcoy. The cruise took us through some amazing roads with beautiful views everywhere you looked. As we ascended the mountain range through Mt Mee the sun was shining bright and the air was cool and fresh. I had the windows down and aircon off most of the trip. Due to some road repairs going on through Mt Mee there is a few parts that are down to one lane. This didn't seem to slow us down too much and everyone still kept together, with only a few automated traffic lights stopping the flow up the mountain. We didn't make any stops on our way through to Kilcoy as everyone was feeling pretty hungry. It was full speed ahead to the Stanley Pub, a place well known for its huge succulent steaks. You see a meat-works is just 2km out of town. Before going to the pub we quickly stopping into a local park in Kilcoy and had a quick chat with each other while I ran over to the pub to let them know we had a hoard of hungry motorists coming in. We all got in our cars and lucky for us we had the whole street in front of the Stanley Pub clear of local cars. This made for an impressive entrance for our cruise group into Kilcoy as we all parked in formation in front of the pub. We were all served pretty quickly, considering there was only one cook on at the time. I will have to give them a heads up before we go there again. The meals were just as great as I remembered, even if you happened to order a Parmigiana. This pub knows how to cook up a feed. Everyone got to sit together out on the back deck of the Stanley. Spirits were high and even the kids who attended were having a good time. As everyone started to head off home I mentioned how I was taking a more scenic route back home and if anyone was interested that they were more than welcome to join in. Four cars decided to follow me back home to Logan (South Brisbane). I leaded the cruise home south out of Kilcoy and along some long outback straight roads on our way to Summerset Dam. It was only 2pm so we didn't have to rush. We got to enjoy some great views of Summerset Dam in the afternoon sun stopping a few times along the way. We then continued through the Summerset Dam flood plains and up through Mt Neebo for some twisty mountain driving. Just when our small group thought it was over I took a left and up we went still through Mt Glorious for the last leg of our cruise on the way home. As we pulled out the other side of Mt Glorious everyone gave a wave and a toot of the horn as they went on their way.

  • Issue 13 - Willowbank Test N Tune
    Issue 13 - Willowbank Test N Tune - Dave Reid

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