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  • Matt Mccann's Subaru Forester
    Matt Mccann's Subaru Forester
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

  • Issue 2 - CHOP YA - Ford F6
    Issue 2 - CHOP YA - Ford F6
    When you think of tough Queensland street cars the likes of Johnny Wilson’s HK Monaro, or Damien Mckern’s Series 1 Rx7 probably come to mind;  cars with balls and more poke than you can get to the ground. Another on my list of Queensland tuffies is this yellow F6 Typhoon commonly known as ‘CHOP YA’, not just for its name, but also its reputation. Photoshoot by Dave Reid

  • Mercury Motorsport Dyno Day 2012
    Mercury Motorsport Dyno Day 2012
    Gold Coast Queensland - Photos by Chris Howard of SIRCK Designs & Images

  • Issue 9 -  Lee Dalton's Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo Ute
    Issue 9 - Lee Dalton's Ford Falcon BA XR6 Turbo Ute
    You know I’ve always been a Holden fan. I am a man that appreciates all vehicles but I’ve never got the feeling of wanting to own a Ford. Now I gotta tell you, ever since Ford released the XR6 Turbo I’ve been having urges and cars like Lee Dalton’s XR6 Turbo utility are really not helping. I think I might just have to swap camp. Of course it’s hard not to like this car no matter which side of the fence you’re on. Just look at the way the colour compliments the smooth yet sporty lines and how those wheels suit the car perfectly 4L turbocharged straight six donk is pretty tough from the factory but Lee’s motor is twice as tough with the modifications almost doubling the horsepower and providing the occupants with a ride that they wouldn’t normally get with a stock Falcon. It is a real credit to Elite Automotive who built the car. . . . .Photos by

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