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  • Issue 10 - Peter Kelly HQ
    Issue 10 - Peter Kelly HQ
    Peter Kelly HQ

  • Issue 4 - Ross Langford - 2005 Holden Commodore VZ SSZ
    Issue 4 - Ross Langford - 2005 Holden Commodore VZ SSZ
    Ross Langford is no stranger to tough Holden’s. In the past he’s owned a few cranky Holdens including a HQ Premier with dual headlights and a heavily worked 308/Turbo 400 combo. She wasn’t too flash on the outside but went like a cut cat. Ross Served in the 5/7 Royal Australian Regiment Mechanised Infantry. These brave men and women served in Malaysia in 1986 RCB and defended the air base from attack by communist terrorists. Ross is also the National President of the 5/7 Rar Association and decided to make his car as a tribute to his late wife, his battalion and his solders that have fallen while serving for their country. This 2005 VZ Commodore has the same style as that old HQ but looks a hell of a lot cleaner on the outside. It was built mainly as a tribute to Ross' late wife Mary-Anne who died in a car crash back in 1992. On top of that motive, the car was also planned to be a daily driver that could hold its own on a race track or in a car show.

  • Issue 5 - David Langan R32GTR Skyline
    Issue 5 - David Langan R32GTR Skyline
    The R32 GTR was the first re-instatement of the GTR since its cancelation in 1973 and was nicknamed ‘Godzilla’. Since then the GTR has been a popular car for import enthusiasts like David Lanagan. He’s owned this baby for a little while and has been upgrading and racing to his heart’s content. David’s main goal was to have a car with decent horsepower that wouldn’t break the bank. He owned an R33 GTR before this that made similar power figures but it ran a twin huffer set up on a built motor.

  • Munchies - October 2010
    Munchies - October 2010
    Issue 2 of QSC Magazine

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