Sideshow Alley - Carnival of Cars 2013

November 9th and 10th 2013 - CAIRNS

Sideshow Alley - Carnival of Cars

Hosted by  Not your average car show, it is an American style boardwalk event with a difference! Sectioned off and held at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, filled with classic and modern cars, bikes and trucks but that's not all.

We're having carnival rides, street performers, live music and entertainment, tattoo booth, barber shop, white wall expo, pin up roller girls, dancers, pimp-my-esky contest, Miss Carnival of Cars pageant, , live aerosol demonstration and auction, and pimp my cardboard box for the kiddies,man vs car tug of war, eating contest... and so much more!

The Freak-Show Sideshow After party is something Cairns has never seen before. We have just secured the most exciting venue and this is a show that you don't want to miss! Full body painted hosts and human statues waiters cater to the VIP. No waiting in line at the bar, they will bring the beers, spirits and cocktails to you. The night will see professional freak performers - but don't get too excited, we aren't giving everything away just yet!

This will be a show that will be talked about for years! More to be announced soon.

Liquid Abyss Event Management is looking for SPONSORS,TRADE STALLS AND ENTRANTS to help get this event motoring! Please email or visit our website below for more information.

Emma Sciascia
Liquid Abyss Events
[email protected]

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