Queensland Street Car at Powercruise #43

We hit the raceway in our mates R32 GTR sponsored by Track my Ride, Queensland Street Car and owned by Ben halliday from Zellion.com.au

Well we were semi prepared this year with an extra go pro which we fitted to the GTR 32 Skyline. Unfortunately a few times we forgot to turn it on so we missed some great races. It was a total rush to get the GTR ready in time as it had not been driven since last Christmas. After 2 days in the workshop many issues were fixed such as new oil and water lines to the turbo, some missing engine bolts, some replaced split pins for the body and a few other little bits.
After a few runs on the track we noticed the Skyline was not coming on boost until very late (5000rpm) Possible boost leak, instead of 3500 to 4000rpm when it normally hits max boost of 17psi. It was also loosing all boost on gear changes and taking 2 secs to come bakc on boost. It didn't quite feel as punchy or as fast as last year however we were just glad to have it out on track. Besides a small overheating issue on  the start of Friday we had no issues all weekend, We put it down to a bubble/ air pocket in the cooling system (due to sitting for 10 months undriven) as after it cooled down it ran at perfect temp all weekend. Ben, owner of the car said  the gearbox was starting to feel a bit hot at times so we might be looking at getting a trans cooler for the manual box. Besides that car was running great and was heaps of fun.

I would like to thank Ben Halliday (32GTR owner) for throwing in some extra cash to get the Skyline ready in time for Powercruise and I would also like to thank South Side Dyno for working all day and until 9:30pm the night before Powercruise so we could take it to the track. We have quite a few more little tweaks and repairs to go to make it run just right, but hey like most cars, there is always something that needs upgrading or fixing. Especially when your giving it hell and pushing the car to its limits.

See you out cruising.

Craig Muller
Queensland Street Car magazine

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