Icandy Custom & Resprays - Metal fabrication experts
17-06-12 - Icandy Custom & Resprays offer everything from sheet metal tubs, body work to general restoration repairs.
Local family has had everything they own stolen. Need info!!
16-06-12 - The entire contents of our three bedroom home was stolen from storage containers.
Craig Lowndes has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal
13-06-12 - Craig Lowndes has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his contribution to improving road safety.
Holden Volt Joins Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial
06-06-12 - Holden has today announced it has joined the Victorian Government’s Electric Vehicle Trial with its internal fleet of extended-range electric Volt vehicles.
QSC Mag Monthly Cruise - May 2012
21-05-12 - Video of our monthly magazine cruise. We cruised from Mt Cootha Planetarium out to Toowoomba for lunch at Pizza Hut.
20-05-12 - Holden has announced the model range for the tough new-generation Colorado ahead of the light
Increase the value of your car.
13-05-12 - Trublutint Wrapping can provide protection from everyday damage and wear for the next 5-15 years with absolutely no damage to the original paintwork.
Fatal car crash driven by 13-year-old
13-05-12 - An intoxicated 13-year-old boy was asked to drive a group of intoxicated adults home from a wedding - a trip which ended in the crash death of 17-year-old Marylee Magdalene Huata.
Bowdens Own Premium Car Care Products
13-05-12 - Bowden’s Own is a family car care products company that uses only the best and safest ingredients to make sure your car is all squeeky clean on show day.
Eye Foams.
13-05-12 - Designed for Motorcycle Riders who wear reading or sunglasses while riding.